Suncharge solar furniture

Infinite energy for wireless charging.

A steady energy source.

Take advantage of sustainable solar power and stay available at all times. Easy plug&play use enables complete independence from electrical outlets.

Wireless charging.

People need the extra 'power push' to their mobile devices when they use them the most – away from home. Take a step in their direction.

An adaptable concept.

Modular elements suggest an endless variety of possibilities – choose and plan solar furniture that suits your needs the best.

Sustainable branding.

Branding and advertising options on solar furniture guarantee top exposure and the functionality helps build an emotional connection with the brand.

Wireless charging
in an eco-friendly style

Suncharge solar furniture for wireless charging takes advantage of the most reliable energy source out there – the sun.

Our sun is an infinite source of green energy – it's always there and it is a co-creator of our environment. Suncharge solar furniture uses the sun's power and transfers it into the world of modern technology by enabling battery charging for mobile devices even where there are no electrical outlets.

Suncharge was designed with two main philosophies in mind – sustainability and usefullness.



Solar energy is the future. It's green energy with a low carbon footprint and effects on the environment. The solar panels that we use are durable and can transform solar energy into electric energy in a matter of seconds and thus enable instant wireless charging.
By using solar energy we help reduce carbon emissions and diversify the use of energy sources. making mobile device charging less demanding for the environment and society.



Suncharge solar furniture can have an immediade effect on the way your work/event/service environment stands out – by visuall appeal and by funcionality. It also allows 100% independence from electrical outlets!
Suncharge solarno pohištvo ima takojšen učinek na izgled in funkcionalnost vašega delovnega okolja, okolja kjer ponujate storitve ali pa dogodka in zagotavlja 100% neodvisnost od električnih priključkov!

Compared to 2018, there was an over 25% increase in solar installations in 2019. In 2020 we expect the solar trend to reach an even faster growth!

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Suncharge solar table

Suncharge solar table with an integrated wireless charging point enables on-the-go wireless charging, independant of electrical outlets.

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